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hey yall um ok i want to mount a turtle with the complete skeleton can i just drown it (yes i know it will take a few hours)and then skin it out and gut it then just put it in a giant plastic rubbermaid box and let the bacteria do its work? and how do you attach all the bones together thanks and god bless

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Put it in a plastic bag, and then toss it in the frezer for a few days. Its the mosthumane way. If you try to drown it, it will take a very long time. They can drop their metabolism and believe me, you dont want to wait it out LOL After it had died, cut away as mush flesh as possible, and put it in a bucket of water put the lid on, and leave it for a month or so. then rinse off the remaing flesh and then check the archives for whitening

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This response submitted by Raven on 03/11/2004 at 06:31. ( )

You forgot the degreasing stage between cleaning and whitening. Also check it more frequently - it may not take a month. Turtles have some small bones in them - depending on size you may want to have it professionally done - possibly be someone with dermestid beetles if they know how to keep it articualted (ie - someone with experience outside of just doine game heads). Also - maceration is a poor choice for doing the shell of a turtle. The bacterial culture can eat the skin off the shell as easily as the other tissues.

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