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hey what do you make your bows out of like what kind of tree and about how big around are they like the trees and how long do you make your bows also have you tried to use turtle tail skin to cover your bows cause those big tall ridges on the top side of there tails would look good on the front of the bow

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Bowhunting@groups.msn.com and ask them. Lots of info there

Kota Bowhunting Co.

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My dad has been building custon traditional bow for around 20 years. As for the kind of wood it sorta depends on what kind of bow you are talking about. Self bows (which we dont build for resale) are probably most commonly built out of osage aka bow dark, hickory,and yew, although the osage bows are the most common because of its availability and cost hickorys not to pricey either but I think it is harder to find decent staves to build from. We build 2 styles of one piece recurves, 1 style of take down recurve,1 takedown longbow, and a conventional longbow. The woods that they are built of vert widely, w/ what the customer wants both for shootability and astetically. Our custom bows are all laminated by gettin to know different woods you begin to notice that some shoot slightly different than others osage makes a awsome bow also bamboo yew red elm. These woods are only used in the limbs however the limbs can also be veneered so you can use woods w/ lesser qualities for shootability but are more astetic. We use alot of exotic woods ( cocobolo, shedua, byocoti,diamond wood, yew, curly maples, walnut, ash, bamboo, osage) there are many other good hardwoods but these are the ones that we use for most of our bows. Some of these woods are very expensive, and can be hard to get alot of expense is also incured in shipping as the can be extremely heavy. Check out www.stickbow.com also primative archer and traditional bowhunter these magazines are available at newstands, they often have info on trad. bow making. As for turtle skin I have never seen anyone use that, we have snake backed a few customs w/ customers skins, but dont really care to do it because it can be very hard to get it to stay on after a while.
If you have any more questions
feel free to call talk w/ my dad
Tim Finley (701) 798-2776


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More info than you can handle there!

Making bows out of Pine

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I understand that using woods such as Walnut, ash, and osage make excellent bows. But in the location I live in, it is hard to come across these specific types. But, My area is basically "Covered" in pine trees. So, I was wondering, would it be possible to build a good fairly strong bow out of this wood? And if so, is there any specific ways to help "rid" the moisture out of this type of wood?


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sorry you can not make a bow out of pine it is so soft it would hold shape and have no strength after drawing.


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It seems that you should be able to make a somewhat decent bow out of pine. The native americans did it for hundreds of years.

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