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Submitted by Cyndi on 03/20/2004 at 15:01. ( lovinanlivin@msn.com )

Ok, so we read some forums, and now have a rattlesnake skin soaking in a solution of gylcerine & alcohol. What is the time period for soaking, and what is the next step to insure the scales don't fall off or separate? We want to mound it on either felt or a board. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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If you were reading

This response submitted by wetnwild on 03/20/2004 at 16:15. ( )

You would have seen the the PROPER way to do this is to tan the skin with Rittels snake tan. While your glycerin method will work to fix the skin and keep it pliable, it will only stay pliable as long as it is kept in an airtight bag. Once the alcohol has evaporated, th skin will dry up considerably and be no longer pliable. Since you have used glycerin, you will have to sew it to a felt backing as no adhesive is going to stick to the greasy oiled surface. Also, the glycerin methoind apon drying, will also darken the skin considerably, possible nullifying any patterns on the skin also

I disagree

This response submitted by Brandon on 03/20/2004 at 21:41. ( garathan2002@yahoo.com )

Been doing tanning with gylcerine for serval years and the skin will stay pliable for a year or more and I have had no promblems with appling it with adhesive. Anyway to answer the first question for 7 days and streach and dry for 7 days and you will be ok.

your not tanning

This response submitted by wetnwild on 03/21/2004 at 05:51. ( )

But to each his own. It will fix the skin as described, but for newcomers, it is best to state that it is NOT tanning, so they do not get confused

Well he just said it Tom

This response submitted by Superpig on 03/22/2004 at 10:04. ( )

the skin will only be pliable for about one year. If that is good enough for you then go with the glycerin method, if you want something that will last longer then a year (for several decades) then do it right and follow Tom's advice.

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