blue crab

Submitted by J.Stelling on 03/29/2004 at 21:01. ( )

I have been looking for a simple but effictive way to preserve a blue crab and i have spoken to a fellow taxidermist here in louisiana and he told me he preserves them in a microwave.He said he places them on (high) temp. for one minute at a time and due to the microwave cooking from the inside out it will in some since dry out the crab.i was wondering if anyone has tried this method and if so how did it work and what is your thoughts on this method.

all advise will sure be a great help...


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Sounds like a good way to have an explosion

This response submitted by George on 03/29/2004 at 21:49. ( )

I either inject mine with Rittels Preservz It or I soak them in formaldehyde and water for a couple weeks. Then I set them on a piece of cardboard and pose them with insect pins and wires to the position I want. I set them in my attic for a month or so until everything dries out. Then I take my Dremel and cut a hole in the belly area of the carapace. I pullout all the meat and deadmen's fingers through the opening. I let them air out for a day and then I set a curled wire down into the hole while holding the crab upside down. I pour Bondo into the opening until it's at the top and let it set. Now I have a crabsickle that I can wire to a basket lid with artificial seaweed after it's painted.

cook em'

This response submitted by jim on 04/01/2004 at 02:28. ( )

i have been doing these critters for some time now, i am from the east of va, potomac river side,, blue crabs from there are about the same as anywhere ahen it comes to preserving them.. here is how i do it .. i mix a good size pot with about 4 or 5 cups of borax, 2 cups of bleach, and about 2 caps full of pine sol..wrap your crab in wide rubber bands then u can (optional) wrap clear packing tape around each drill a 1/4" hole in the back end just below the top 1/2 and above the flap. cook in boiling sulution for about 30mins.. then remove, put in a metal or screen cage and hang out of the way of other critters , i use the attic where it is good and dry and hot.. let hang for about a month,when dry they may have a little odor but not much after u seal and paint them u can not smell them at all..after dry put them out and bend the claws out where u want them and use a little epoxie in the joints smooth out and let dry,, they are ready to seal and paint,, i have done about 30 of them ,,the best thing is to hang them to dry out good,,,hope this helps

get molts

This response submitted by Mike on 06/08/2004 at 23:45. ( )

It's a lot easier and requires no chemicals or painting if you can find complete molts to work with. Remove the carapace, wash body out with water, position it, let it dry, glue carapace on and apply a little elmers to the joints. You have a beautiful, organic, smell-free specimen. This works well on west coast crabs -- assume it would work on east coasters too. You have to have the time to spend beach combing, of course, but pretty nice molts of several species are relatively abundant here in the spring and summer.

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