Mounting snake skin on felt or cloth

Submitted by will on 03/29/2004 at 22:25. ( )

Ok, i have just used a method i learned from a friend in which you place the snake skin in a mixture of 50% glycerin, 50% methanol. Can i just glue the snake skin to the material, or will that not work. Will the glue damage the skin? Also, what kind of material should i use to mount the snake.

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for one thing

This response submitted by wetnwild on 03/30/2004 at 06:03. ( )

Never listen to friends, they usually do not givecomplete information. LOL If you insist on using this method, the corrct way is to mix the glycerin and methanol 50/50 and brush it on the meat side once it has been completely fleshed. You do this to a tacked or pinned down skin. Apply once a day for about three days, and then wait for it to evaporate and be dry. This only fixes the skin however and is not a true tan. Since there will be glycerin present in the skin( oily) it will de difficult to get any king of glue to stick yto it, so you are better off sewing it to whatever backing you are using. Next time, use Rittels snake tan

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