cue wrap.............

Submitted by panther on 04/03/2004 at 18:38. ( )

ok im new to this tanning question is....i have 2 small skins, both black rat snakes, with awesome color, i have them soaking in borax til tonite.....any suggestions on my next step?

now here is the using it on a custom made cue stick!
the borax, then alcohol/glycerine sounded good until i found out glycerine is a oil......the skins i have will be totally clearcoated over and i dont think an oil would be good under, may blister the clearcoat......any suggestions on how to cure it for this purpose?

should i jus dry it after the borax and use it then seein the clearcoat will preserve?

any and all suggestions will be helpful



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tan it

This response submitted by wetnwild on 04/03/2004 at 22:30. ( )

BVuy some of Bruce Rittels snake tan . One kit will do the two snakes. You will have to rinse off the borax, as thia was a bad idea, and you have to toally get it ALL off or the white borax crystals will permeate the surface of the skin and leave a white residue. Salt the skins down and let dry till you recieve ythe kits. It will leave a nice leather wrap and not distotr the color. then you can proced as you desire!

ok thanks

This response submitted by panther on 04/04/2004 at 12:51. ( )

thanks....couple other questions....1. will tanning discolor the snow white sides of the skin?, 2. after tanning i will be able to permanantly seal the skin with no problems? 3. should i refrigerate the salted skins?

thanks for the advise


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