Needed: Snakes

Submitted by David on 04/17/2004 at 21:53. ( info@blevinstaxidermy )

Hello All,
Besides having a fulltime taxidermy business during the week I am also a EMT-Paramedic on the weekends. Anyway I am getting together a medical seminar for my collegues having to do with snake bites. I am looking for any mounted poisonous snakes with mouth open if possible and as many pictures of the different species markings and mouth. Please email if you can help.

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need proper e-mail address

This response submitted by wetnwild on 04/17/2004 at 23:02. ( )

Leave proper e-mail address

Sorry about that

This response submitted by David on 04/18/2004 at 00:20. ( )


hi david @blevinstaxidermy i have a couple snakes to sell

This response submitted by val on 9/15/04 at 11:59 PM. ( )

i want to sell my 3 1/2 ft ball python and baby great basin rattle snake (dont know how old but it has 2 buttons on its rattle. are you or anybody else interested? please respond quik i need to get rid of them asap.

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