Submitted by derslayr on 04/18/2004 at 16:44. ( )

hey tom, I am getting ready to start that lavender phase retic ,probably next weekend , and need alittle help on your pack method. I also went back home and took some good reference pics of the others and he gave me 2 more monster retics. one is pretty normal the other has some very interesting white blotches inside the large brown patterns. If you can give me a call or your number again I really don't need both of these new retics , but would like some smaller snakes (maybe a trade)and would like a little insight on your methods of mounting. my number is 402-535-2365 or email
oh yeah the retics have not been dead more than a couple days and he froze them immediately . one is in a huge rubbermaid tote the othe in a huge trash bag, which is the best way to store them? thanks, shawn

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This response submitted by wetnwild on 04/18/2004 at 17:49. ( )

Will give you a call tomorrow

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