Rattlesnake skin question

Submitted by Doug on 04/25/2004 at 17:35. ( lovejoy2000@myway.com )

I have a 5 1/2' diamondback skin that I have tacked and am using the glycerine solution to brush on, which was recommend to me by a taxidermist. Will I be able to use the Rittels tanning after this is finished, or will I have to live with what I have. Also, will I be able to mount this on anything like a belt or hatband? Thanks.

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No, NO, and NO

This response submitted by wetnwild on 04/25/2004 at 17:48. ( )

You cant tan an oily greasy snake skin. It has absirbed all the glycerin and is probably saturated. If you had read the post before yours, you would have seen he made the same mistake. Dont people research anything? You will have to live with it. As far as using on a hat band or whatever, for the short period of time it will look OK, but after a few weeks, toss it in the garbage

Wall mount?

This response submitted by Doug on 04/25/2004 at 18:04. ( )

Thanks for the response. Will this be ok for just a wall mount?


This response submitted by wetnwild on 04/25/2004 at 19:45. ( )

Did not mean to get testy with you, but it seems the same bad method is constanly being given out by supposed taxidermists who apparently do not give a damn what info they give, and the same question comes up 3-6 times a day. As for a wall hanger, it will last fora period till the glycerin dires up and the methanol evaporates, and then it will dry, crack and eventually fall apart. You may extend the life of it by periodically rubbing it dwon with glycerin when it seems to be getting dry

start again

This response submitted by k on 04/25/2004 at 21:24. ( )

put the thing in a 1/2 gallon of water with 4-5 drops formaldahyde leave for a day pat dry and tack to a piece of cardboard to dry use lots of pins to avoid wrinkles when drying then give it a coat of glycerine good luck

dried skin

This response submitted by hunter matt on 05/07/2004 at 21:24. ( )

I shot a rattlesnake about 3 weeks ago and has dried up on me.Its about 5'8" long and 7" wide.I want to know if there is a way I could loosen the hide up enough to do something with it.It's dried up on a piece of plywood, my dad said to nail it on so I did.Its just waiting to be put on a frame on the wall.

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