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Submitted by derslayr on 05/01/2004 at 18:45. ( )

hey tom, one quick question about these retics. where do you get the eyes for them? I looked in all the catalogs I have and could only find anaconda and boa which would be close but they aren't big enough. I measured one of the retics I sent you pics of and her eye was 8mm sound right? I can only find 6mm in the catalogs. I'm ready to mount once I can get some eyes. and by the way that vermiculite is cheaper than I thought it would be. i bought 2 bags for one snake will that be enough cuz I don't want to get 3/4 done and have to drive another hour to buy more. thanks shawn

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This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/02/2004 at 04:03. ( )

If those snakes are as big as you said they were, you will need about 12 bags to do one. As for the eyes, you can buy the round pupil flint eye and paint your own or send an e-mail picture of the eye to PAUL at tohicon and he will make you a nice eye pretty quick. Give me a call if you have any qustions

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This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/02/2004 at 06:10. ( )

I meant to say slit pupil, not round. They dont make flint slit pupils, so you will have to call paul at tohican. Just roll up two small balls of sculpall at about 8mm and let harden. Install them with clay to hold th eyey socket in the correct form till the real eyes come in. You can easily just dremel out the clay. As for the vermiculite, I stated 12ags. This is correct give a bag or so if they are the small bags like the size of a small fertilizer bag. If you bought the big 6 cubic foot bags bulk, then two will do. Figure out the square footage in cubic fet to get the correct answere and then add two bags to make sure and to make up for loss in tamping. If the snake is about 20 feet, 12 bags should do the trick, if it is any longer, add a bag per 2 feet. This will all come oput in the wash as the last third of the snake at each end tapers so the amount will differ from what was used in the widest girth section in the middle third.


This response submitted by derslayr on 05/02/2004 at 16:00. ( )

thanks tom , I did buy the 2 big bags of verm. but I might grab one more when I head back to linciln just to be safe, I'll probably spill or dump alot of it. I'll give tohican a call . thankks

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