Submitted by larry collins on 05/08/2004 at 10:21. ( persimmoncreek@starband.net )

Hey Tom (or anybody else) I am to recieve a package from Brazil and California and both parties want to ship herps to me using dry ice. I have never gotten any like this before. Will the dry ice freeze them to the point of freezer burnt? I dont know any way thought I would ask before I get specimens not worth using. If not I will e-mail them with other instuctions.

Anyway thanks

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Wrap the specimens well in paper.

This response submitted by John C on 05/08/2004 at 10:39. ( )

As long as the DI does not touch the specimen directly, many people wrap the item in news papers several layers. to prevent this.


This response submitted by larry on 05/08/2004 at 11:53. ( )

I appreciate the info. Thanks

You probably know this larry...

This response submitted by marty on 05/08/2004 at 19:06. ( )

...but make sure the airlines know you're using dry ice. I'm sure they have stiff penalties for not claiming hazardous materials. Not to mention somebody could be killed by the stuff if proper ventilation isn't utilized...


This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/08/2004 at 19:42. ( )

As far as i know, dry-ice can not be shoipped air mail or air freight. It also cannot be sent through the federal mail sysytem, because it is a hazardous substance. make sure they arre reputable!

thanks TOM

This response submitted by larry on 05/08/2004 at 21:17. ( )

Hey I appreciate it, they are reputable, but did not deal in herps that much. I told them to freeze for a week and ship it overnight air to me. I told them that this was fine, but they said they wanted the DI to make sure that the speciman were good.

Thanks to everyone, you keep me from making big mistake.


No Dry Ice

This response submitted by MJS on 05/20/2004 at 16:20. ( )

Shipping dry ice is a hassle as well as a hazard.
According to the Postal Service though, as recently as a month ago, you can ship up to 5 pounds of dry ice with the USPS as long as they know whats in there.
I agree that overnight frozen is the best bet. Its the only way I ship or receive frozen animals and have had no problems yet. Sure there is risk involved, but not anymore than you have with dry ice.

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