vintage snake skin - advise please

Submitted by dan russell on 05/10/2004 at 08:33. ( danrussell24@aol24 )

hello to you all
forgive me for contacting you but i am at a loss as to who else to contact. i have an old family heirloom, which, because of the lack of space caused by moving house, i have to create some space and am looking to sell the following skin: i am no expert in this field but it is an antique snake skin, over 100 years old and, from tracing family records, it is either from north america or india; it is in extremely fine condition; i am not sure of the breed; it is over 13 feet long and and 14 inches at the widest.
any guidance any of you could give me as to who might possibly be interested in this would be interested.
many thanks
dan russell

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This response submitted by MJS on 05/20/2004 at 16:13. ( )

I am assuming you meant North Africa and not North America. From Africa or India at that size, it is most likely one of three things: African Rock Python, Burmese Python, or Indian Python. Indians and Burms are so similar that many people don't know the difference, and on a skin that old it would be hard to tell, especially if the head piece is not there to see the pattern diference at the point. Have pictures?
Honestly, most large snake skins just aren't worth what you would think. Regardless of age and condition, you will be doing quite well to get $50- $100 for it, but don't be surprised if you have to accept $25- $40.
You might want to try selling it on eBay. Skins are usually the last part I am able to sell from snakes, and I never get as much for them as I feel they are worth.
Why not pass it on to someone else in another part of the family tree? It would be worth much more to the family as an heirloom than to anyone who might buy it.

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