Just killed a snake ... now what?

Submitted by Shay on 05/13/2004 at 00:13. ( JenaLoren@aol.com )

I live in northern CA and about 20 min. ago tonight I found a snake in my garage. It has curled up under some empty plastic grocery bags, so when I startled it (and it me) it sounded like a rattlesnake. I grabbed the nearest shovel and chopped it's head off. Well I feel kinda bad now, because once I drug it out I saw that it was a King snake. What should I do with it? I live somewhat in the country, so should I bury it or what? Thanks for any quick replies because it is sitting in my driveway. :}

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Throw it

This response submitted by Stub on 05/13/2004 at 00:20. ( )

Throw it out in the road and pretend you dont know anything about it.
Put it in your neighbors mailbox
Put it in your wifes purse
for gods sake just dont touch that thing they are disgusting.

LMAO @ Stub

This response submitted by George on 05/13/2004 at 08:14. ( georoof@aol.com )

An old folk tale was that if you hang a dead snake in a tree, it will rain within three days. If California is a dry as they say, maybe you should try that. What's there to lose except a dead snake?


This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/13/2004 at 19:12. ( )

If you saw enough of it to accurately chop its head off, you should have sen enough of it to recognize it for what it was, and then just picked it up and let it go outdoors. Its l;ike the guy in the woods who shot his buddy cause he thought he was a deer. He saw enough of him to make a kill shot, but not enough to know it was a man?

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