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Submitted by Tony on 05/14/2004 at 14:50. ( )

Gentlemen, thanks for the useful feedback to my message posted yesterday. Interesting insights, especially that the snake may not survive through the next FL winter. I found a site that makes Snake Traps, they are custom making one for me (22"x22"x36")which I hope will be big enough, what do you think?
- What's the best live bait, rat or some thing else? (like the neighbours cat?!)
- Will the snake prefer to climb completely inside the trap before consuming his prey, or will he poke his head in grab the bait and then try to remove himself?

Thanks again.

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This response submitted by Larry on 05/14/2004 at 17:37. ( )

If you want the snake to enter the trap you will need something of the larger prey size( neighbors cat or dog) but if the trap works if his head is inside then a rat will work. You must think of it like this, the larger the snake the larger the prey needed. Anyway you will still have to content with the large snake pulling the trap back down into the hole unless you stake it. I hope that these people know what type and how big this snake is. Constrictors are some of the strongest snakes that I have dealt with. Once caught what are you going to do with the snake? Send it to me and I will tan the hide and put it on a felt backing for you. Call me about my proposition. Hope this helps.

Larry Collins


This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/14/2004 at 18:38. ( )

for a python, it is small. A large rat from the pet store will work fine. You could also just dig him out if the hole in the bank is not oo deep. A python will latch onto the prey and then throiw his entire body around his victim to slowly constrict on the inbreaths ytill suffocated. The Cage will have to be aBLE TO FIT HIM. Like i said for this size python, it is not on the large size, and i bet only as big around as your forearm. You could also try flooding the hole with a garden hose which would not harm the waterway, and it would also force him out1

Herp Society

This response submitted by MJS on 05/20/2004 at 15:51. ( )

The waterhose idea is the best so far. However, if that doesn't work, being in Florida there should be several options for you. The reptile hobby in Florida is quite large and you could easily find a Herp Society or an experienced Boid keeper to help you out. Its as simple as posting a note on any of the big reptile hobbyist forums. Offers will typically flood in to help you out right to the point of someone coming out and doing the job for you.
The trap will most likely be a waste of time and money. Pythons are some of the most inventive creatures when it comes to getting into or out of anything.
As mentioned somewhere else on here, gasoline is bad. Not only does it harm the environment, it will eventually kill the snake whether you are there at the time of death to see it or not. (Visible illness and death may not happen for months.) Burms are terribly susceptible to respiratory problems, and the introduction of gas will only make this worse. The snake would be no good for no one.
If you plan to keep it alive, just try to find an experienced keeper to help you out. I'd be happy to help, but I'm a little far away here in Texas.

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