Rittles snake Tan k-10 Kwik Tan

Submitted by Frank on 05/22/2004 at 21:47. ( nugger56@hotmail.com )

Came on here to find out which was the best way to tan a snake skin. most people said that Rittles was the best, so i sent for a tanning kit, $24 inc postage. when it came i couldn't wait to start Tanning, then find out i need white vinigar & salt to pickle the skin first, then they tel you , you need Litmus paper, which i havn't had any luck finding, why dont they supply it ? Then the instructions tel you that a Rattle snke skin will weigh around 2-3 pounds, an eastern tattler will be heavier & to use 5 fl oz per pound of skin, but on there site they say that the kit will tan 10-12 4 foot skins ? my snake was a eastern diamond back which is 6 foot & weighs nothing like what they say,, more like half a pound, bit dissapointed with the kit not having litmus paper as they say its imortant to check the ph level is critical!

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snake tan

This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/23/2004 at 06:17. ( )

Use about 4-5 ounces and follow directions for that amount. The Ph is important, but if you use it in the incrments as directed you will be fine, and ph paper not needed. i tanned them for quite a few years before i finally got some litmus paper and all was fine. It is not quite as critical for snake skins as it is when monitoring PH for fur bearing mammals. You will be fine

Thanks Tom

This response submitted by Frank on 05/24/2004 at 00:23. ( nugger56@hotmail.com )

Thanks Tom, looks good, just finished oiling it!

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