Submitted by derslayr on 05/25/2004 at 20:02. ( )

hey tom, I finally got around to doing one of the retics, and I only have one question for you. why in the heck didn't you warn me about how tight the skin is attached to the meat! I did the smallest one I had about a 16 footer and by the time I was done skinning I was shot or wanted to be. of course I have a small shop and no long table so me and the snake laid on the floor together for a couple of hours. one thing that did surprise me was everyone on here that I have seen talk about pythons say the stink real bad, I didn't think they were bad at all, but I do have bad allergies this time of year too. one more thing about the others I have. I remember you telling me on the phone about the big gaboon you had that you couldn't mount because it was close to sheding or something, well one of these big boys looks like he was in the process when he passed so will he be mountable? and I also double checked on the lavender phase and she also has some dead scales on her also. I hope these can still be mounted but not sure if it matters. well thanks for the advise and even though skinning it was the most time consuming thing (sucked) I love snakes and am going to build an addition to the shop just for them . see ya shawn

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Shawn, you did not ask! ROFLMAO As for your big lavender phase retis, she should be fine as they are nuch thicker skined. Glad you enjoyed the experience. LOL Let me know if you still have an extra as i ned one about 16 foot plus for s project. I will need YOU to skin it however to make shipping cheaper LOL LOL

ha ha

This response submitted by derslayr on 05/26/2004 at 18:25. ( )

yeah go ahead and laugh at the new guy. lol my a$$. and as for extras , I still have one saved for you whenever ya want it but as far as skinning it I would rather get in my old farm truck with the seat spring poking me in the butt and drive all the way to the coast to give her to ya .lol. I don't know when ya need it but she ain't going nowhere I already got your name on the box ,too bad I can't make it to nationals this year I would bring her then, but maybe I could talk my assoc. prez into hauling it for me. that might just work , what do ya think?
seeya and my back is still killing me, shawn

Ha HA!

This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/26/2004 at 18:50. ( )

Dont know about that! LOL There is things going on in tghe family that may mean us having to go to alabama, and move my wifes dad up here, as he is ill, and he may be coming to live with us. Dont know when it will happen as we just got the news last wek or so. So dont send it to huntsville yet LOL Ya never know with my luck!

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