want to make clear lucite type jewelry embedded with beetles

Submitted by candy on 05/28/2004 at 11:08. ( )

Can someone help me please. I want to make rings bracelets etc... with a clear plastic like lucite, or resin; and I want to "suspend" beetles inside. Anyone know how to do this, and where to get the supplies( ie, molds or something to make molds with, the plastic materials to use, etc..). I would also like to be able to carve the material perhaps with a dremel. Maybe someone can atleast point me in the direction of a book or another internet site that could help. Thanks! Candy

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This response submitted by Raven on 05/28/2004 at 15:10. ( )


All these places have clear urethanes that will suit your purpose nicely. As for instruction, I believe alumilite has a how to make molds book that covers the basics. That would be a good place to start.

Insect keychains

This response submitted by Tanya on 05/29/2004 at 20:35. ( dani_lion@msn.com )

This was the site i was waiting for to make my own paperweights keychains etc. Its just we are both looking for. Scroll to the bottom of the page and there will be the perfect craft book also. Good luck = ) http://www.delviesplastics.com/casting_resin.htm

How have they Turned out?

This response submitted by Clay on 06/18/2004 at 14:35. ( clay@moisturewarranty.com )

I have recently received some Cicada's from MD and wnat to make paperweights with them. I wanted to know how your projects turmed out and if you had any tricks to pass on. I am going to track down a copy of the "Castin Crafts" book and get under way. Send photos if you want.

Insect Keychains

This response submitted by Sheryl on 10/8/04 at 3:42 PM. ( soschin@douglasemmett.com )

I want to preserve my cats paw rint (in a clay mold) in a clear hard Acrylic. I went to the Delvies Plastic site which i think is what I want. Do I need a mold?

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