Killing a turtle

Submitted by Shawn Harris on 05/29/2004 at 21:38. ( )

What is the best way to kill a turtle that is to be mounted w/o making alot of extra work. Will freezing it work or is there a better more "ethical" way.


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Freezing is the most ethical

This response submitted by Raven on 05/29/2004 at 23:08. ( )

Turtles being a reptile, are cold blooded. The cold of a freezer will simply make them slow and sluggish at first, then they will essentially fall asleep. Once asleep and their body temperature keeps dropping, they expire in their sleep. Not even as much pain as a needle prick.... totally ethical and entirely effective =)

Freezing is Not the most ethical.

This response submitted by Cassada on 07/28/2004 at 00:23. ( )

This is my first time responding to this forum, so i'm glad i saw this thread. I dont see how freezing would be the most ethical method of putting the turtle down. Now, before i go on. Dont think that I am some uninformed yuppie. I have killed dozens of snappers in my time. Freezing the turtle will slow its metabolism down enough to put it to sleep. it Will however take a a few hours for it to do so. Would you want to be in a freezer for a couple hours before you "gently" and painlessly fell asleep and then died?

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