How to cut a snakesink to put on boots

Submitted by Ted Medley on 05/31/2004 at 22:43. ( )

Do any of you know how to cut a snakeskin to put on boots. I used the search button with no results.

Thanks, Ted

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This response submitted by larry collins on 06/01/2004 at 11:08. ( )

It depends on the type of snake that you plan to use for this venture. One. the larger of the constrictors, some people love thier belly scales because of the size, secondly if it is a rattler, most use the top scales for the pattern. You will either cut the snake down the belly(rattlers) or down the back(belly scales). One small thing is if the snake is not wide enough for the boot, you must sew in some small pieces on the back sides. This allows for the skin to come all the way down on the front side of the heel. This is were most people make mistakes. Also do not try to "overstretch" the skin either. Make patchwork additions if you need to make it wide enough. It is hard to get in all the problems associated with making boots on this forum, so if you need any furture help, e-mail.

Hope this helps a little Larry

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