How to preserve a snake in a jar

Submitted by RebeccJane on 06/08/2004 at 16:15. ( )

Hi everyone. My friend was given a small 6 in. King Snake that is dead. She would like to preserve it in a jar, with some sort of preservative liquid. We have ssarched around the internet, and the only thing she can find it to preserve it in 100 Proof Vodka. Is this true, or just a joke? Do you have any other alternatives? Thanks so much!

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This response submitted by Raven on 06/08/2004 at 16:28. ( )

Methyl Hydrate (a sort of camp stove alcohol) will work on an item that small. It is generally used for long term storage of specimens fixed in formalin but I have many items in my wet collection that have been there for clsoe to a decade with just methyl hydrate. You can also use formalin/formaldehyde, again - switching over to alcohol once it is fixed. These last couple of products are somewhat dangerous helthwise tho (carcinogens). A safer alternative to these is Rittels Preservz-It (sp?). Search for this topic in the archives as there is info in there on how to go about the actual preparation process. With something as small as a 6 inch snake tho - really you could just drop it in a jar of methyl hydrate and it will be fine. It is so thin the liquid will permeate deep enough into the flesh to preserve it.

Rubbing alcohol

This response submitted by Ted Medley on 06/08/2004 at 23:00. ( )

Eubbing alcohol will do also. My cousin had a diamond back that he kelp for years in a gallon jug of it.


LOL Rebecca

This response submitted by George on 06/09/2004 at 11:39. ( )

That's pretty inventive and I guess it would preserve it for awhile. More realistically, however, you'd need grain alcohol (200 proof) to do it right. Methanol or denatured alcohol will also work, but the very best preservative is formaldehyde. You can try your local drugstore and see if they carry it or maybe even call your local mortician who might even fill your jar for you for a nominal fee. This will preserve it much better and longer than the alcohol will.

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