Savannah Monitor

Submitted by mike on 07/02/2004 at 18:10. ( )

Have access to a 2 foot savannah monitor that just passed and owner put in the freezer for me. Big problem, I have only done mammals and one snake. Would I be better off to cast the body or wrap one (something else I have never done). Nice thing is, if I screw it up the owner doesn't care. I just want to try something different. Any suggestions? Besides let Tom do it. LOL

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how about

This response submitted by wetnwild on 07/02/2004 at 19:09. ( )

using sawdust. Mike I either use vermiculit or sawdust on savanahs. It enables you to pack it to the point where you have interior support, but also enables you when you pose it to add whatever wrinkles minitors have in the thigh junction and loose skin neck areas. You will have to pull out as much skull as possible while still keeping the outer skull shell i tact for support, You cannot skin out the head much past the ears. Rebuild it up with clay in all the areas muscle tissue is taken out and thenstart using the tamp method as you pack it out. best bet is a belly incision from between the front legs to the tip of the tail. Sew up the tail to just about where the anal vent area is, and then pack it tight. The last third of the tail gets narrow so it is best to roll out a ball of clay or sculpall to the proper shape, install and then super glue the incision shut. Then pack the tail from the vent area. then pack the front and rear legs and put a small ball of clay in place in the top of the thigh area to hold the material in place. sew up to about mid body, and then pack the raer section down to wher you left off on the tail. Sew up the front section to betwen the front legs, and pack the rest of it out through the mouth. Try not to over stuff it, and keep the neck area, firm but not over filled. You can get back the thick short neck look, by pushing back on the head when complete towards the body and thre wrinkles will appear and dry in this position. Same with the leg junctions, push the legs in towards the body and where the clay junction was, you can sculpt in whatever wrinkle and muscle detail there was at thois pint
good Luck

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