Softening snake skins after tanning

Submitted by Jim on 07/11/2004 at 14:44. ( )

I've used Knobloch's reptile tan and it works well, but skin is very dry to the touch. Any suggestions to make skins more supple would be appreciated. Thanks Jim

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use Rittels

This response submitted by wetnwild on 07/11/2004 at 18:05. ( )

I use Bruce Rittels snake tan whenever i have to tan a few skins, and it works wonders. After oiling the skin is soo soo soft and flexible.


This response submitted by Coyote on 07/12/2004 at 12:51. ( )

You should apply for a job with Charmin Bathroom Tissue. With your Pun as being soo soo soft you'd be a hit in the commercials....LMAO


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