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Any idea what boot companies put on snakeboots to "seal" them? I've got skin tanned and would like to put an outer finish on it so it's got a lustre such as those on boots, and I also would like a little extra protection on it because it will likely face some use "guitar strap" It's looking very cool. Any ideas?

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You can brush down the scale side with either matte finish or high gloss modge podge which will give the snake a nice luster look too it. You can spray it down with any sealer basically. If you like the high gloss, use high gloss fish sealer(Wet look) or wood finisher like deft. It is up to you how glossy you want it to look. I would go with a matte finish on the modge podge, but that is just my personal choice.

Another thing with snake skins is that over time they will crack and break eventually if they are being used like you said for a guitar strap or a belt. Make sure the skin is tan and oiled good and flexible and then support it by sewing it to a good strong leather strap. After that you can seal it with any of the above mentioned products.

modge podge

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If you use something like modge podge, be careful. Modge podge is a water based sealer, like Elmers glue. If it gets wet after it dries, it can turn cloudy or rub off.

Dont use modge-podge

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While it is fine for giving a thick rubbery lifelike look to the skin on a mount, if you have ver used it, you will find that on an objest that will be flexed, moved or articulated in any way, the modge-podge will peal off like a sun-burn. It dries like a thin sheet of rubber on thew skin and is not meant to be abused or flexed in any way. i did a snsake a while back with it, and looked great till i stated picking at a small spot on the side. The end result was a 6" section od modge-podge covering that just peeled off like an old sun-burn. Not meant for anything but stationary, unhandled projects!

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