Oil drying question

Submitted by Valdo on 07/13/2004 at 14:41. ( )

This is my first snake skin tan I do and my question regards the drying time for the snake skin after I apply the oil(I'm using rittles) Yesterday I finished applying the oil in the afternoon and by 8:00p.m. it seemed to be drying. However, in the morning I checked the skin and it seemed as if someone had just applied more oil because it was totally wet again. Right now it's about 1:30 pm and again it seems to be drying fine. I left the skin in the garage over night on a wooden board. The garage door was left open but no rain could hit it directly. I'm thinking it was probably the night moisture that had something to do with it(I hope) I just don't want for it to become a neverending cycle where the snake skin never dries up. I would appreciate your help.

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could be

This response submitted by wetnwild on 07/14/2004 at 07:28. ( )

could be the moisture, never leavs a skin to where the elements can effect it outdoors. Bring indoors in a moisture fre element and try again. Should be fine. Norma,,y it takes a day for the first application to dry. I then reoil a second time, and let it it for a couple of days.

I'll try it

This response submitted by Valdo on 07/14/2004 at 10:42. ( )

Yesterday I checked it and it was almost completely dry but this morning again it is moist, not too moist as the first day but moist. I'll bring it in and let it dry indoors. I also think I applied too much oil at first. I applied about two 2/3 of a cup of oil thinking a 6'1/2" foot rattlesnake skin might need that much but I'll take your advice and hopefully it will turn out alright. Thanks.

new at drying out a snake skin

This response submitted by david conger on 11/28/04 at 9:37 PM. ( drc5290@aol .com )

i killed a large Eastern Rattle snake today skinned it now i want to dry it out and maybe make a belt out of it , it is in mt refrigerator now i will be pinnig it to a board tommorow and rubbing it dow with salt unless i get a different precess in this response thanks .

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