Need some help with snapping turtle

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I am confused! I have never tried to do any work on reptiles. I am starting on a snapping turtle. The Breakthrough manual says that after skinning and rubbing dry preservative into the skin and shell and fleshing, to brush on a coat of liqua-tan or Rittel's Kwik-N-Eze. Will this work? It just doesn't sound right and I need some input on this. Do I need to pickle the skin first? I didn't think that either of these could be used on reptiles. Will Borax work as a dry preservative? Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated!


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Yes, it wil work

This response submitted by Joey Holmes on 07/14/2004 at 08:37. ( )


In the 1980's, a common way of preserving reptiles (to mount) was by brushing on a coat of TC-9 or later, Liqua-Tan. I did a number of mounts like this and they still seem fine. Another way was to use Dry-Preservative. I did a number of mounts with DP and they still seem fine. In doing the turtle (the exact one shown in the book) I used a combination of both preserving methods. THAT particular turtle mount is still in good shape (mount was completed in 1992) so I know the method works.

By the way, I should point out that BORAX, is often the main ingredient in many, if not most, if not all, brands of Dry Preservatives.

Joey Holmes


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That sounds great, I'm glad that you responded to my questions! I'll give it a shot!


Joey be careful

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Borax is a much better DP than the processed name brand DRY-PRESERVATIVE the companies sell. Ask anybody that has mounted a snake or other thin skinned reptile what happens when commercial Dry-Preservative is used over BORAX. In many instances, a white residue will form on the outside of the skin when dry. the fine powdery texture of dry-preservative leeches its way through the porous skin of snakes and such, where the granular nature of borax will not. I have had many a person tell me that the DP method was terrible as the finished product had little white powdery specs all over when done, and even after wiping off, they returned. this is the nature of commercial dry preservative over borax! The granular borax crystals do not dissolve into the wet skin any wher as easily as the fine powder, therfor they do not leech through to the surface.

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