Fresh Rattle snake

Submitted by Roadkill on 07/15/2004 at 22:36. ( )

I have a nice 30" GReat basin rattle snake. I just caught it tonight.
Anybody looking for one? Make offer if you are. Not a problem if nobody wants it as I will mount it anyway, sometime,LOL

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how to skin a snake

This response submitted by sterling topp on 7/19/04 at 12:02 AM. ( )

when you get a snake and it still has its head on it you nail its head on to a telephone pole then you make a cut that goes all the way around the snakes neck and then yu just peel the skin back like a bannana.
in ordery to tan it you soak the skin inside out (scales in )in a mis of salt water for 4 days the nd you scrap all the meat off then you stick it in aa mix of glycerin and water but it has to be and equal mix such as 4oz to 4oz and let it sit in the mix for 4 days but rotate it every day dont shake it though then take it out and stick it inbetween 2 boards make sure it scales out this time and put weights on it and let dry for 3 days when it is done it will be soft and flexable.

glycerin and water?

This response submitted by wetnwild on 7/19/04 at 7:22 AM. ( )

They dont mix! I think you mean Glycerin and denatured alcohol or methanol! Glycerin and water will separate like salad dressing

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