Frog Trap

Submitted by Tom on 07/20/2004 at 18:26. ( )

How do you make a frog trap or buy one? I need to catch about 100 frogs from around my pond and would like to move them somwher else.

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good luck

This response submitted by newbirdman on 07/20/2004 at 20:36. ( )

Is the reason you want to move them is to get some sleep ? I have about 100 frogs in my backyard ponds and sometine I want to kill them during mating season . The only way I know is to catch them by hand at night with a flashlight . Even if you do catch all of them , they will be back as they travel at night looking for food and will be back . You can always use a BB gun or fishing pole . Rick


This response submitted by Frog on 07/20/2004 at 22:44. ( )

Get a gig,a bright light & if they're bullfrogs you won't have any problems finding somewhere to put them.

The wife

This response submitted by Richard C on 07/23/2004 at 00:30. ( )

Caught a very large green bullfrog bass fishing last evening on a green rubber worm , second time this happened. I didn't know they can scream like a pig but this one did. He was pissed. I had to cut the barb off the hook to get it out of his mouth. The first one she caught on a black sluggo. She also caught a large snapping turtle on my new $5.00 rappala that the turtle owns now. The bass fishing hasn't been to good but I have a very good friend and snake taxidermist up in New Hampshire that promised to take us to a private bass pond he fishes. I'll keep you posted but I'm not holding my breath.


This response submitted by Sam on 8/25/04 at 10:41 PM. ( )

When I was a kid we would go "tank-hopping" for bass and frogs. One of the best ways to catch mature large bullfrogs was by casting a topwater popper past them, then working it slowly toward them. They pounce on the lure and literally cram it into their mouth with their little hand-like front feet. They put up a pretty good fight on a rod and reel too!Good luck! Here in Texas, as in most parts of the U.S, amphibians are rapidly declining. I haven't seen a stock-tank loaded with big frogs in over 15 years. I sure miss a mess of deep-fried rolled in corn meal froglegs!

limb-lining frogs

This response submitted by Sam on 8/25/04 at 10:47 PM. ( )

Another practice with which we had limited sucess was by finding the cool, muddy shady haunts of those big frogs and shoving both ends of a supple willow limb in the mud nearby to make an upside down U. Then tie yourself a hook dangling from the middle of the U to about frog-eye level. Thread on a big frisky yellow grasshopper, or better yet a big live crawdad and come back later to check it. If your lucky, a big frog will be kicking on your line! Most times the racoons rob you and break your line! Good luck!

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