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Now this is a good idea Tom Voyer, next time you plan to attened a siminar as a teacher of mounting large snakes, just send one of your videos. That way you can be a no show and still be there.
Anyone got a good VHS player and a large screen?

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Student At Large

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Do us all a favor and give this crap up already. I'm sure Tom's not losing any sleep because of you didn't get to see him at a seminar. If the man had personal problems then leave it at that. I've been wanting to attend a lot of the show's too, but at this time I've also had too many personal problems in my life to do so. So just do us all a favor and quitely go away!


Student at large?

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When I found out the timing would not be good and i was unable to attend, I asked a VERY CAPABLE texidrrmist who knows my method well to do the seminar for me. When last we spoke, all was a go, and he was to be doing it for me so that the seminar was still going to be held. It was the powers that be, that changed the seminar from mounting a python to mounting a alligator instaed. I found out after the show! Shows that all best laid plans can change at a moments notice!

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