Loosing scales on rattlesnake can I polyurethane it?

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I just finished tanning my first rattlesnake. I followed all procedures listed in the forums. Fleshed, Borax dried, and pickled it. after that I applied Van Dyke's reptile tan (Sulfonic Acid & Alcohol mixture). It got nice and soft, But somewhere in the procedure I screw up. I'm loosing the scales in some spots. It's glued to a finished board at this time. My question is, can I apply a spray polyurethane to the skin to hold the scales in place? Also, I'd like to know what did I do wrong for this to happen? Yes, I'm an amateur. Constructive criticism welcomed.

Thanks, Kevin

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If you

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Tanned it for a wall hanger and followed the directions( I know Rittels instructs to do so) you are supposed to remove the scales prior to attaching to board. So I am asuming you did not, and they are popping off by themelves.

How does one tan a Rattleskake skin?

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I'd like to tan a rattlesnake skin. I skinned the snake {my son found it dead in the road only a half an hour prior. It's head had just been run over by a car} and washed the skin really good, and nailed it to a board. What should I do next?

Rittels snake tan

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Take the snake off the board before it rots and either salt it dry or freeze it. Order Rittels snake tan and follow the instructions


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Tom, Thanks for the advice. I just ordered Rittles snake tan and will follow the instructions. Thanks again for the reply and for the quickness of the reply!

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