I have a frozen puff adder, want to place it in resin. How?

Submitted by Alan on 07/28/2004 at 05:44. ( alan@reaper.org )

I have a frozen puff adder and wouldlike to place it in a clear resin block as a trophy. I dont know how or what the complications mihgt be. ie. shrinkage decay etc.

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Best to

This response submitted by wetnwild on 07/28/2004 at 05:53. ( voyer1@aol.com ) h00e018676c26.ne.client2.attbi.com

Have it commercially mounted and then proceed with the embedding in resin. You can e-mil me for further details.

MUST be mounted

This response submitted by Raven on 07/28/2004 at 06:19. ( ) d150-166-254.home.cgocable.net

It simply MUST be mounted or otherwise preserved in a DRY fashion. Either have a skin mount done or a freeze dried mount done. Preserving in formaldehyde etc will not work. NOT preserving is at all then embedding it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Once it is properly dry mounted, make sure the surface is well sealed to prevent bubbles and lifting scales. Then use a low exotherm embedment material. do NOT use clear polyester resin. It yellows quite easily and the exotherm can easily ruin your mount. Check out the Clear Elegance line at industrialpolymers.com for a very low exotherm, water clear urethane product.

Side Note...

This response submitted by Raven on 07/28/2004 at 21:36. ( ) d150-166-254.home.cgocable.net

The Clear Elegance is a "Shore A" product... that means it won't go rigid.. it will end up being like a very firm clear rubber. The low exotherm is important to snakes tho as the heat can heat the skin up and lift the scales dead easy.

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