Anyone ever tried corn cob grit for reptile tamp method?

Submitted by mike on 8/4/04 at 10:04 AM. ( )

I have never mounted a reptile and have been doing some research on the tamp method. The two material i have read about are vermiculite and sawdust. Has anyone tried corn cob grit? I am thinking of trying this method on a snake as well as an iguana. Thanks for any help.

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In my opinion, the corn cob grit would be just that( gritty). The small hard kernels would show through the skin side as if you tamped small gravel stones under the skin. Sawdust and vermiculite, are (soft) and when tamped take the shape of the interior of the skin and lay flat against it. It you took a handfull of corncob grit and squeezed it in your hand, it would look like a handfull of pea-stone. Rough and hard. That is what you would be laying a thin skin over. Now take a handfull of vermiculit or sawdust and squeeze it, and you can lay it as flat as can be because of its soft moldable nature.

corn cob flour

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try corn cob flour instead.
available at mt. pulaski products
ph. # 1-800-577-2627
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