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Submitted by Chris E. on 8/15/04 at 8:10 PM. ( chrisengstrom82@yahoo.com )

I have just killed 2 prairy rattler's yesterday. One my uncle and I skinned (without knifes) by grabbing the meat inside and pealing it making it inside out(no head of course). I want to make a bracelet out of it, but I have no idea how. I know my first step would be to tan it, but my question is how do I preserve it until the tanning kit arrives? Right now it is in a tupper ware container filled with water in the refridgerator. I have looked at numerous emails in this forum and my uncle also told me that we should salt it, but is regular table salt ok.
Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it into a bracelet. I want to keep the skin whole. no cuts, so that the back and the belly both are on the bracelet.


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First off

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Get it out of the water before you ruin it! If you havent already. then dry it off completely and freeze it in a plastic bag. You can buy stock leather from most crafts shops that you make the bracelet out of and then insert it into the skin and glue in place with contact cement. add the closing clasp and you should be done! This is done aftre you tan it of course!


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Thank you! I really appreciate your quick response to my issue.
They were just in the fridge and I had no idea how to take care of them. Can you use regular table salt to preserve skins, or does it have to be non-iodised salt? Just for my information.


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Actually you can use either, but they say to use non-iodized with the tanning kits, it may be the iodized reacts with the chemicals, but not sure.

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