how do you tann with only house hold chemicals?

Submitted by Dani on 8/16/04 at 7:19 AM. ( )

Hi Im living in Kabul right now and have a snake skin and I want to tann it. But the proble is that you cant get any chemicals for tanning. So if someone knows how to tann a snake skinn with only house hold stuff I would be happy to fined out how to.
Oh I have also heared of a way of tanning with walnuts. Does anyone know how?

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This stuff will keep it from going bad!

This response submitted by rattlesnakeman2m-Idaho-U>S>A> on 8/18/04 at 4:48 PM. ( )

Dani, This is not the perfect curing solition, but it will work. If you can get some rubbing alcohol, some Glycerin and some Woolite, mix the alcohol and Glycerin about 50-50. Now I have never used anti-freeze and you probley dont have access to it in Kabul, but it can be used in place of Glycerin..(use eye protection when handling any of these solutions). Make sure the skin is well scraped, I like to use a simple table knife, that has the serations on the tip, scrape all the flesh from the inside of the skin, (DONT USE SALT) put about 2 to 4 ounces of Woolite to a gallon ofwarm water, mix well and let the skin soak for 24 hrs stirring once in a while, rinse the skin several times to remove all the Woolite, squeese out all excess water, and let hand for a couple hours, then immerse in alcohol-glycerin mix, keeping submerged for at least 72 hours,(use plastic container)then remove and hang for an hour or so, get some cardboard, like boxes are made of and some tacks of some tacks..thunb tacks. and tack it to the cardboad, starting from the head end and working down, just pull enough to get it tight, but not TOO tight. Keep out of the direct sunlight..let it set for bout 3 days..rub with the solution again and turn the skin..rub with the solution and let set for another 3 days. The skin should be soft and pliable. I have been doing Rattlesnakeskins for 50 years and have tried LOTS of cures .Good luck and let me know how it turns out. Old Rattlerman

thank you so much

This response submitted by Dani on 8/19/04 at 9:21 AM. ( )

Hi mr Rattlerman
Thank you so much for the information. It seems to work well. Thank you again for all of the time you took.
God bless you.

Along those lines...

This response submitted by Cat on 8/24/04 at 8:39 PM. ( )

Can I perserve a dead snake with rubbing alcohol for a few days until I can get the right liquid to keep it in a jar?

Household chemicals

This response submitted by Tami on 10/25/04 at 7:37 PM. ( )

I read your artical from the guy from Kabul. I have a question.
After I let the skin set for 3 days I rub with the solution again and TURN the skin and rub with the solution again...My question is. After I have it tacked down and let it dry for 3 days do I un tack it to rub the solution over the belly side?
Is there something else we can do to ENSURE that is will be soft and pliable? What does the woolite do?


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