Preserving a shed snake skin

Submitted by Helen Smith on 8/24/04 at 10:37 PM. ( )

I have been given a diamond back python skin, just recently shed, and was wondering how best to preserve it so I can show it to the students at my school. I just need to be able to handle it, not make any items with it. Many thanks for any help you can give me.....

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rittle's snake tan

This response submitted by Ted Medley on 8/25/04 at 1:00 AM. ( )

The answer is in the title. You can get it from WASCO Taxidermy


Forget About The The Snake Tan From Rittel's....

This response submitted by Coyote on 8/25/04 at 2:39 PM. ( )

It won't work for a shed skin. Your best bet is to spray it with hair spray and enclose it in a shadow box. The shed skin is way too fragile to be handled and will eventually fall apart. Use it for show only, and don't let it be handled.


Glue it on a felt

This response submitted by Stian J. on 10/1/04 at 8:24 PM. ( )

Glue the skin on to a felt and lacquer it.

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