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Can anyone help? I am skinning down large (6 foot) Iguana - I have stopped at head as skin there is very tightly fixed to front part of skull - should I continue, or should skin be left adhering to skull, and if so how will I be able to tan properly (as Reptile Tan supposedly only succeeds if applied to underside of skin)? Please help me get it right - use my Email for reply - and thankyou for your time - David

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As far as the head goes, you cannot skin it out totally. Stop just about where the ears are on the skull. Inside the head, you will have to remove the brain case, remove eyes, and all skeletal structure not used in shape and support of head structure. When done you can simply use borax inside the head skin area. You will have to use sculpall or mache to rebuild all the skeletal and muscle removed


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Tom - just to ask re. Borax - do you prep a solution and soak? Or simply dust/brush on? You're the only person I've talked to who has mounted such large lizards (not too many reptiles here in UK!) - sorry to be a nuisance - and how do you fill? do you model mannikin, are there any commercially available for this size? Thanks - would really appreciate your answer as you're my only source of info to date - David


This response submitted by wetnwild on 8/27/04 at 8:21 AM. ( )

You dust the borax on good and rub into the skin as best you can. i usually use saw dust or vermiculite on large lizard bodies or you could carcass cast the body. Inject the toes well, and i always mix a little borax with whatever I am using as a filler to add to the process. If you order the gator mounting video from WASCO, it shows the same procedure you will use on the iguana, same skeletal cutting procedure in the head area, and usuews the tamp mehtod with vermiculite on a 4 foot gator. same process different reptile/

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