Submitted by Kevin Nguyen on 8/25/04 at 6:32 PM. ( )

Hey uhm I really am look for snakes! Im 12 years old and juss realized how awesome they are! I have done lots of research about the Ball Python and want to know about the Banded King snake. I dont really want a snake growing up to 3 - 4 ft like the ball. Does anyone know about how long the king snake is? or what is a good starter snake that could suit me? Please if you have some information for me i could use it. Thank you.

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look here

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I'm sure someone will answer you here . If not , you go can go to this web site and ask the question . They know everything about snakes here . Rick

Best snake

This response submitted by wetnwild on 8/26/04 at 8:22 AM. ( )

For a beginner is a corn snake. they are very docile and cheap to come by. a king snake is also a good choice but will grow to about 6 feet in length and larger. Both species are constrictors and will have to be fed a diet of mice.

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