please advise procedure for rattlesnake mount & form sources

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Hello all,
I have been perusing the archives on reptile mounting procedures and have obtained some useful info. I will be mounting a 52" W.diamondback(coontail)that has a very large girth. The snake is probably 5" or better in diameter at the widest point without much taper throughout his length, save at the neck and tail region. I have never mounted a snake before, but I have done many other mounts and am confident in my abilities. I prefer to mount this snake in a striking pose, so I do not want a seam. I plan to tube skin the snake starting with the mouth first. My problem is that I can't find a form that poses the snake in the "realistic" striking pose;== (head angled downward, neck and 1st 1/3 of body in a figure S,tail up, mouth closed.) I would appreciate any advice on form suppliers, procedures for making your own forms, and mounting procedures. If someone has a "tried & true" method for striking poses w/closed mounths, I would certainly appreciate the info. Thanks,---Sam.

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Best bet

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Try WASCO, Noonkester, or Van Dykes. There is a lot of forms available in different poses. I like to carve my own and to me gives mush better results. It is best to get one around the same length, but concentrate more on the head size and girth. It is easier to shoprten or lenghten the form as apposed to increasing the girth. Best bet for realism is to also cast your own head for closed head pose

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