Rattle Snake Post-mortem poisening

Submitted by Joda on 9/17/04 at 9:54 PM. ( )

On the subject of contact with Venom from a dead snake.

* Make sure your rattler is complealy dead. A good way to kill a snake without damaging it is to place it in the freezer till stiff.
* Dead snakes cannot inject venom.
* You can receive a VERY small amount of venom if you impale yourself on fangs.
* Old venom is broken down and is nolonger nero-toxic but is infectous.
* If you find a dead snake near a live snake, or two dead snakes near each other, they may have fought and their flesh can be contaminated with venom, this may also be true of snakes killed by cars that have struck the snake in the head. BE CAREFUL!

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This response submitted by George on 9/17/04 at 10:30 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

You've included just enough information to get someone killed. I'd advise you to keep your advice to yourself. Though a snake can't inject venom ITSELF when dead, just by pressing on the back of the skull can force stored venom through the fangs. That was a very DUMB post and I hope Ken removes it before someone believes it to be gospel.

Dont believe this one!

This response submitted by John C on 9/18/04 at 12:13 AM. ( )

Make sure your rattler is complealy dead. A good way to kill a snake without damaging it is to place it in the freezer till stiff.

Maybe frozen stiff for a while a few days. But certianly not just stiff.

Hybernation ring a bell Joda?

Many times the only thing you find is a bruised area on the snake.

Venom is not as dangerous to the snakes as to others.

Anyhow your info is WRONG AND DANGEROUS.

Ever watch Venom ER on Animal Channel?

This response submitted by Ed on 9/18/04 at 1:57 AM. ( )

The Animal Channel has a show about snake bites and the treatments in the Emergency Room (Venom ER) and they have had a few snake bite victoms that were invenominated by dead snakes. When you watch them handle the dead snakes that are brought in to identify them they are very very careful on how they handle them.

Actuallt Joda is correct

This response submitted by wetnwild on 9/18/04 at 8:36 AM. ( )

A dead snake Cannot inject venom. The venom is broken down and will not contain the neurotoxic effect it still had when the protein was viable. Yopu will however get a very bad infection if the venom enters your blood stream via a cut or fang inpaling. Freezing is the best way to kill them, but hoewever, freeze em at least 48 hours to make sure. they can enter a state of hibernation when only frozen overnight, so best to wait a day or two after. As for venom in the meat, snakes are not dumb, and the snakes that eat others are mostly non-venemous like kingsnakes. However cobras will eat other snakes , but with rattlers it is not the case. If a snake like a rattkler bites another, it is only a territorial thing and no venom is injected. They know what a food source is that is why most snake bites in the Us are dry bites as compared to a hot bite where venom is injected. The sides of the head toward the rear of the upper jaw line is where the venom is tored so when skinning the head do not push on this area as the venom will be forced through the glands and down the fand slit.

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