Preserve small frog

Submitted by Stian J. on 10/1/04 at 8:06 PM. ( )

Hi,I have a small dead frog that I want to preserve. Now I have it in a jar with a mix of alcohol and salt solution. But it would be cool to stuff it, but I am afraid og tearing the skin since it is small. I have only stuffed large toads.

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Try this

This response submitted by Evelyn on 10/2/04 at 2:03 PM. ( )

depending on how small your frog is this should work. I use this method on small geckoes and tiny lizards. Inject the body and legs of the frog with preservz it and position it how you want him. No need to cut him open if he is small enough. Then just put him in your freezer and leave him in there for several months or up to a year. It will look great with minimal or zero shrinkage.

If you want to put glass eyes in do it before you put him in the freezer. Carefully cut out the real eyes and set in your own(probably would have to be made out of bb's or shotgun pellets which you can paint prior to setting). On my geckos I don't even bother with the eyes since they are so small. I just paint them a little once the freezedrying process is done.

If your frog is more the size of a tree frog or larger then you will have to use the more traditional way of mounting him.


This response submitted by Stian J. on 10/2/04 at 6:05 PM. ( )

The frog is about the lenght and thickness og my thumb.
What kind of preservative?

Perfect size

This response submitted by Evelyn on 10/3/04 at 9:54 AM. ( )

to do it the way I described above. Use Preservz it to inject the frog.

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