Snake skin mistake. Is It possible to start over?

Submitted by Jay Longsworth on 9/25/04 at 2:23 PM. ( )

Unfortuneatly, I took the advice of two different taxidermists before I found this forum. have a rattlesnake skin. fleshed it out. streched it on a board. dried it w/ borax. after it dried I soaked it in water for a very brief time. stretched it again & applied several coats of glycerine. the "experts" told me that was all I needed to do. After reading several previous forums I've come to the conclusion I was given very bad advise. Is there anyway to start over and do it correctly w/ Rittle's or am I stuck because of the glycerine?

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This response submitted by wetnwild on 9/25/04 at 4:00 PM. ( )

Is thast once the skin soaks up the glycerin, it will not allow the skin to saok up anything else. It is an oil base. You could try soaking it in mineral spirits to get rid of thye glycerin, but wont guarantee anything. The process was wrong from the start. If you wasnted to use the glycerin method the steps are to skin and flesh, mix 50% denatured alcohol and 50% glycerin together and brush it on the meat side once tacked down. Thewn reapply again aftre two days and let evapoirate. This will not tan the skin but will leave it soft and pliable

can I apply an achohol & glycerin mix now?

This response submitted by Jay Longsworth on 9/25/04 at 5:19 PM. ( )

thanks wetnwild for the quick response. would it do any good to add a few applications of an alcohol / glycerine mix? What can I expect to happen to the skin over the years? making a hat band for my sons YMCA Indian Guides garb. Should I descale?


This response submitted by wetnwild on 9/25/04 at 6:47 PM. ( )

If your making a hatband you should have used Rittels and tanned it. But since youve gone this far, you can try mixing tyher glycerin and alcohol 50/50 and try brushing it on, it may absorb, but again it is a 50/50 situation after what previous steps you took

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