Dear Bubba

Submitted by cur on 12/8/04 at 10:30 PM. ( )

Bubba, I received your call here at Swamp Snake Studios pertaining to the monitor lizard. Read my post, Bubba, if you can read, or get your sister to read it to you. Monitor lizards are not NATIVE to these United States. Besides, even if we were to accept the task, your request to have us send the gentalia back to you for a keepsake is not in keeping with our protocols. AND, whatever you do, DO NOT repeat your sexual history with that lizard again on my answering machine! There are grandmothers working here! My God, man, do you have no decency? (AND, NO, I don't care if it is the way things are in WV!)

Actually, we are forced to withdraw the offer since a mad German lady is driving up and down the street, taking potshots at the building with a paint-ball gun, and has promised not to cease until we retract the post about free mounts.

And for Dave T...........I never dance with a bottle in my hand.....there is a chance that I might spill some. The last time that happened, a lady two-stepped across my tongue with her spike heels.......Still talk funny.

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Now Cur

This response submitted by Kim C. on 12/8/04 at 11:34 PM. ( )

Not all Bubbas' are hillbillies some of us can read just a bit.
Sounds like you got you a sickie on your hands.

Kim C.
Bubba's Taxidermy


This response submitted by Evelyn on 12/9/04 at 6:40 PM. ( )

I guess I am the crazy German lady. Except I am not driving up and down your place, I am flying on my new broom. The one Tom, I mean Tammy Voyer send for christmas last year. It is quieter then a car and I can get you from all sides. Better not look up I am loaded. LOL

Now that is the kind of talk

This response submitted by cur on 12/9/04 at 10:18 PM. ( )

That gets me excited........Loaded and coming at me from all sides......woo wooooo. C'mon down.

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