Superpig or Tom Voyer

Submitted by Bill on 12/12/04 at 11:04 AM. ( )

or anyone else, those are the 2 that come to mind and i know do either of you (i don't know what it's called, please forgive) put snakes in 'resin?' , what i'm looking for is someone i can ship some rattlesnakes to that will make "paperweights" that set on a desk.

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This response submitted by cur on 12/12/04 at 2:58 PM. ( )

How big are your snakes? A few years ago I located a manufacturer who cast snakes into toilet seats for someone trying to source that product. Most of the companies that did a lot of fancy embeddings were located, as was the snake guy, in the UK. There was one outfit in California, but I do not recall the name. Embedding will not preserve a specimen, and anerobic bacteria can attack it even in the embed.

Two companies sell embedded snakes, but to the best of my knowledge they are imported from China. You might check with them for sources. (I like those folks! Their motto is, "We sell stuff that pi$$es off P.E.T.A.")

If I were to embed the snakes they would have to be freeze dried first. I would imagine that they would have to be positioned so that the light bodies would not float up in the resin prior to setting. That could be accomplished, though.

Why not have them freeze dried and encapsulate them yourself? It isn't that difficult. We do everything imaginable with reptiles here, but mostly for museums and nature centers, although we do intake some work from taxidermists on occassion. I have been mounting and replicating reptiles for forty years, all species and all genera, and have encapsulated cast and finished replicas and fixed and dried parts, but never an entire snake. I have seen freeze dried snakes in clear resin, but have no idea who did them.

If you want to try it yourself, email me at for directions.

My apologies to both Evelyn and Tom, but your post did say, "anybody else".

That's ok Cur

This response submitted by Evelyn on 12/12/04 at 4:26 PM. ( )

I don't need to put butter on my bread and I am used to water now as well instead of beer. Just kidding. LOL.

Bill, I don't do the resin encapsulation and I really do not know who would besides Cur. Sorry.

Thank you both

This response submitted by Bill on 12/12/04 at 5:10 PM. ( )

Cur I sent you an email as I am researching the links you posted. Evelyn, thanks for the reply.


This response submitted by wetnwild on 12/12/04 at 6:40 PM. ( )

I also did the research Bill is taking about and the companies in the UK that imbed, are quite expensive. the toilet seat for example is used with an already freeze dried snake as Bill described and their line of toilet seat licite embedment was around 800.00 per snake. Follow up with Bill cause if it can be done in a professional way with no equals, he is the one to source it for you.

But thnaks for the consideration, but I know when something is over my head, so go to the best!

Thanks Tom

This response submitted by Bill on 12/12/04 at 10:18 PM. ( )

Talking with him now, wow...what a world I opened up....amazing the opportunities.

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