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I am painting a replica Fowler's Toad (Bufo woodhouseii fowlerii). Do they have brown spots edged in Black/brown on a buff-gray background, or to they have a buff-gray area which surrounds black/brown spots? And on the throat, it is indicated as a cream color. I have tried, whipping cream, half and half and coffee cream, but they all run off as fast as I brush them on. I am presently coating with Cool-whip, since it stays in place. When the cool whip dries, will it be Fowler's Toad Throat color? If Woodhouse found the toad, how long was it lost? Advise.

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Actually Bill

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Fowlers toads are colored in a buff of neon green haloed with irredescent tint of lilac over a nice pastel chatreuse, as compared to a buff chatreuse holed in a neon green and lilac. The cream color you are refering to, can be accomplished with a shot of Baileys cream genttly massaged over the throat area in a clockwise pattern. Not to be confused with a counter clockwise pattern which will bruise the cream. As far as Woodhouse goes, he really did not find the toad. It was adopted by a wild crazy texan woman while flying around on her broom tossing paintballs at the lavish estates on the eastern Texas coast. It was said that any toad seing her would be a Fouling toad meaning the urge to FOUL at the sight of her image much like the greek madussa. LOL LOL

Your schedule

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Sucks! Sent photo of toad in your colors....ugh!

What do you expect Cur

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look who you are asking, a wanna be rough tough northerner who needs an electric seat heater for his tender tushy. I have some off spring of the Fowlers toad you mentioned Tom. I bred them just for you. I'll send you some. They are now known a WUSSIETOADS. LMAO

Bufo Voyeri sissipus?

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Let me call the American Herpetological Society in the morning and document the discovery. The toad painted in his color scheme looked like the front of my house after the paint ball attack.

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