How do u tan your face? Please help!

Submitted by Stacey on 7/31/00. ( )

Hey guys!

I have been tanning at the tanning bed for 2 months and I now I just tan in the sun but no matter what I can never get my face to tan! My body is very very tanned, but my face either burns red, then fades quickly and I'm back to a white face.! I've used tanning oils and I use Banana Boat right now but nothing works.! Is this normal to have such a different skin tone on my face? If you have any suggestions please email me I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks soooooooooo much!

Luv Stacey

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This response submitted by Old Fart on 7/31/00. ( )

Please get out the dictionary and look up "taxidermy", then if you still think
we can help you, GOOD LUCK!

pickle first

This response submitted by swerv on 8/1/00. ( )

I think your problem,Stacey,is that you are not pickling your face first.A good pickle solution will break down your skin so It will accept the tanning oil better.I would suggest soaking your face in a vinegar solution for about a week(might need a snorkel) and then try your tanning oil.Tumbling after would be optional....


This response submitted by palerider on 8/1/00. ( )

slap some lutan-f on after you wire wheel your face, that oughta do it for ya!

Thin it down

This response submitted by Mark C on 8/1/00. ( )

One important factor in tanning is to make sure you shave. For the small area you're talking about, I would probably use a skife. Make sure you thin it down real good.

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 8/1/00. ( )

All the other ideas are good, but with your obvious level of experience, You would suggest that you keep it simple,(wouldn't want you to shave off an ear or something, because that little pea size brain might fall out)
just use a good light brown skin dye, paint it on, and your problem is solved!
(I can't believe I just spent my time answering this-LOL)

Good luck
PS--don't drink it, just paint it on.

toma's tan perfect is the answer!

This response submitted by annie nonymous on 8/1/00. ( )

I suggest you stay up late and check out your tv for those wonderful infomercials that are on starting at midnight. There is a really great one about Toma's tan perfect. It is a really great thing to have and it has a color guide so you don't have that orange streaking. Obviously you don't need sun because it has already fried your brain, so if I were you, I would definately try this stuff. Until next time....

Got to be a blonde

This response submitted by don on 8/1/00. ( )

Enough said??

A common question....Stacey

This response submitted by Lars on 8/1/00. ( )

Here at my shop, I send your skin out to a tannery in San Francisco for the best commercial tan on the market. The only draw back is, that it takes several months for it to return, so be prepared for a wait. I can do any skinning that needs to be done(for a small fee) or you can remove it yourself.Love Lars

Ahh: Give he a break! NOTTTT

This response submitted by Eldon on 8/1/00. ( )

I've allways said that their is millions of people in this world, and a certain percentage of then have to be stupid! I think we found a winner?

Stacey, I offer one week classes on tanning

This response submitted by John C on 8/2/00. ( )

All in the Ozark too, great sun area lots of lakes, with the tanning oils professionally applied and proper direction, I am sure we can get you that over all tan your looking for. Oh one question are you over 18?
John C

Beach Front Property For Sale

This response submitted by Old Fart on 8/2/00. ( )

I think what you need is more natural sun, the kind you get on an ocean
beach. I just happen to have a beautiful ocean front lot for sale.
Cheap. Easy access of an Interstate. Location 15 miles west of Gillette Wyo.
Please send me $10,000 for a deposit...........Cash only!

What a way to introduce a person to taxidermy.....

This response submitted by Yvette on 8/2/00. ( )

I know it seems hilarious to see a question like this come about, but there are many people who are not familiar with the taxidermy business. I am sure it was an honest mistake on her part, but she is trying to get some help. To laugh at her expense, perhaps is not fair. She might be a younger person who will forever look at the taxidermy business now with an unhappy experience. She asked a question for help, and if Stacey, by chance, returns to this site, I want to tell you that the tanning referred to in this web site does not apply to what you are looking for. Perhaps you can check out web sites for tanning beds.


This response submitted by Neese on 5/27/01. ( )

Looking at the responses that Stacey got it is clear it is from men. Thinking with the wrong heads again I see. I know these post are old, but I just had to response. When you can come up with a logical intelligent answer then post it. Remember what they say, keep your mouth closed and let people think you are dumb, open it and remove all doubt.
Stacey, you apparently have sensitive skin. Get a good indoor bed face cream such as Faces by california tan. Put it on thick and don't rub it in. Also when out in the sun use a lotion with a partial sunscreen such as 8-15. The blood vessels are close to the skin on the face and that is why you are experiencing the sunburn there. Take it slow on the face. You will tan

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