Rehydrating an air dryed hyde?

Submitted by Stuart on 8/1/00. ( )

Does anyone have a good process for rehydrating a green air dryed wolf hyde prior ot tanning? I figured
just soaking up in a 40% salt solution with a good bacteriacide, prior to pickleing and tanning would work
but wasn't sure. I have not run into this situation yet and thought someone could offer suggestions. Thanks!

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Relax R

This response submitted by Mark on 8/1/00. ( )

What you can do is use our Relax R and Basacryl NBKU to soak
the skin up. Use at a ratio of 3 oz of salt 1/2oz Relax R
and 1/8 oz Basacryl NBKU to each gallon and soak for about
6 to 8 hours, You can take some Relax R and mix it with
some water at a 50% to 50% ratio take the skin out of the solution
and paint it on the flesh, fold in half and let sit for
about 3 hours then place back into rehydration solution
until plyable. We do offer a free technical booklet with
these formulas and tips in it to everyone. You can also
look at this on our online web site.
You can contact us at
Mark Daniels

Musk Ox

This response submitted by J.T. on 8/1/00. ( )

I have a Musk Ox to tan, that is in the same condition.
I will have to order some Basacryl NBKU, and give it a
P.S. Mark, will it hurt to leave a hide in this
solution for longer.

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