Hides starting to stink

Submitted by mike on 8/5/00. ( mlan35@frontiernet.net )

I am trying to tan 3 deer hides. I put two of them in the lime to dehair them and stirred frequently. They have been in the soln for about three days and the hair is slipping, however, they are starting to smell. I also put a deer hide in a pickle solution. I fleshed it, salted it for 24 hours heavily, and then put it in my pickle. I tested the pickle and the ph was 2.0. It too is starting to smell. Are these hides salvagable or do I need to toss them. The hair isn't slipping much in the pickle. Please help.

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This response submitted by deerwoman on 8/6/00. ( )

Smell is from bacteria, but the pickle kills the bacteria. You can also rinse the skins in lysol after you dehair and delime them. I have dehaired skins in one of the old Indian ways, by putting them in a bucket of water and letting the bacteria slip the hair. Deer skin does not rot, but epidermis comes off. Yes, it stinks. The skin would rot of course if i didn't take it out, scrape off the fur, and rinse in lysol. I did skins this way to make rawhide and to prep for braintanning ( which is too much work for me these days).

keep going.....you are ok

This response submitted by Dave on 8/13/00. ( tryfishing@hotmail.com )

I have taken the hair off many deerskins using lime..... it stinks to high heaven.... if you have spots the hair will not slip off... just put in lime again and stir more often.... you are on the right track!

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