sheep skin

Submitted by LEE on 8/6/00. ( )

i'm from malaysia, and theres no tanneries or all those products that u guys mention. i managed to get some sheep skin.
so, now i'm wondering how to preserve it properly, with fur and all, with home use chemicals only. (salt, vinegar etc. )


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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 8/6/00. ( )

I don't have all the answers for you.
for now, you should take the skin, coat it heavily with salt on the flesh side, and let it drain by placing it on a slanted surface, so that fluids can drain out of the skin. after 1 day, shake off the old salt and re-apply. in a few days the skin will be dry, and can be folded for storage until you figure out a tanning method.
Hopefully some of these tanning guys will have the answers for you.

(regardless, the first step in the tanning process will be salting, so you can do that now)

Good Luck

Address needed

This response submitted by MARK on 8/7/00. ( KNOBLOCHS@WORLDNET.ATT.NET )

If you can get us your address we will be glad to send you
a catalog with all the instructions for free. This will have
pickle formulas and instructions for LIQUA TAN AND PARA TAN.
You will also need a good degreaser as well. You can email me
as well and I can give you some great pointers as well.
Knoblochs Chemical Co.

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