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Submitted by steve on 7/11/00. ( )

Hey guys,
My question is: I have a coyote that a guy brought me already rough skinned and frozen. I was wondering if I could thaw it in a pickle solution to buy me some time to finish skinning out the feet. I don't know how long it has been dead or skinned out. It is supposed to be in great shape but you never know with carnivore's. I plkann to then finish fleshing and salt till dry and then finish with the pickling and tanning. Any insight would be appriciated. thanks steve

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This response submitted by Mark on 7/11/00. ( )

Sure what you can do is Thaw it out in salt water with
some Basacryl NBKU bacteria cide.
To each gallon of water you can put in 1lb of salt and
1/8 oz of Basacryl NBKU then let soak.
It will thaw alot faster in a liquid solution and be safer.
No real need to put in acid as long as you have Basacryl
NBKU in the solution just to Thaw out.

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