What diameter should a staking machine wheel be? (homemade)

Submitted by George Wasser on 8/6/00. ( wasserg@juno.com )

I am in the process of building a staking machine and am wondering how big and how many rpms the staking wheel should be. My first model has a wheel about 22 inches in diameter. Is this ok or should it be smaller or bigger?

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Too many Staking Machines out there!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/8/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

George - there a lot of DIFFERENT types of Staking Machines out there in use! It's extremely hard to guess about yours without more specific info. I would need to know the type you're building and what types of skins you intend to use it on! Otherwise - it's impossible for anyone to offer any advice or suggestions. A photo of the type you are copying would be a great help!

Staking machine type?

This response submitted by George Wasser on 8/10/00. ( wasserg@juno.com )


I believe my machine resembles a water wheel and was modeled after one I saw at a tannery in Darby MT and one in Helena, MT. I will use it primarily on deer, elk, bear, and moose flat hides. I finished the frame and will hook up the drive system later. How fast should the wheel turn. (My machine paddles strike a conveyer belt set up). Thanks for your response.


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