Alum as a pickle?

Submitted by David on 7/11/00. ( )

Can alum be used as just a pickeling agaent in a auto tanner. I like the condition it puts the skin in for shaving but could I neutralize it back out and use lutan or ez tan for final tan?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Yes - Some are already doing it!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 7/11/00. ( )

Some Taxidermists already use such a system. Alum fixes somewhat at a 4.0 Ph. Usually this 4.0 is because Sodium Carbonate (an Alkaline) is used to raise the Ph from a 2.8 (without using Sodium Carbonate). Simply mix the following formula and use it for pickling - then tan with EZ-100 or Lutan F. Since Alum fixes only loosely, the EZ-100 or Lutan F solutions will wash it out and replace it respectively. For Pickling or "Pretanning" - to every 1 gallon of Water used, mix 8 Ozs. of Salt to 6.5 Ozs. of Alum. Do not add Sodium Carbonate. your Ph should be around 2.8 depending on your local water Ph. OR - you can actually raise it to 4.0 and use it adding the Sodium Carbonate - since it will wash out anyway in the EZ-100 or Lutan F solutions, it really doesnt matter. Alum is not a very persistent tannage - it washes out easily.

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